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Market Intelligence

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers Market Intelligence group creates a diverse array of market intelligence products for its membership, many of which are available here at the AEM store. AEM Market Intelligence products fall into two broad categories:

AEM Membership Surveys
These products give the reader a window into the aggregate viewpoint of equipment manufacturers, and suppliers of components & accessories. The products are useful for understanding trends, differentiation, and dynamics of the equipment manufacturing industry. Copies of the survey questionnaires are available upon request - please contact us at

Import & Export Data
These products give the reader a sector-specific overview of construction equipment and agricultural equipment imports and exports. These products are quantitative, and are cost effective solutions for sizing markets, market planning, and regional prioritization.

AEM’s Market Intelligence group also performs ad-hoc research and analysis, leveraging AEM’s industry knowledge and experience.  Tell us your research and analysis needs and we can provide a quote to fulfill them.

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     Export Data & Import Data